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By: Muhammad Amar

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Wednesday, 19-Jan-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

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hi everybody..

it's been a while now (Streamyx bodoh) since i last updated this site.. fuh, banyak gambar y'all (ala2 hongger) i think it would be a good idea to compile the pics that were taken over the past 3 months or so kan (WARNING: over 100 pics..hahah..), rather than having to put up 3 entries..

Monday, 18-Oct-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Aku mahu kereta di sini....

1st stop, for breakfast..
mataku yg sembap..
are we there yet!?
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Aku nak mengucakpan SELAMAT MENYAMBUT RAMDHAM AL-MUBARAK kepada semua umat islam di dunia terlebih dahulu..

okok..these pics were taken on a day trip to byron bay.. pai said "ni trip mandi manda before ramadhan, nanti dah puasa takleh berendam dah" off we went..the journey, 2hrs well spent if u like..played games all the way..kategori 'nama2 artis melayu'......A...B...C..!! A,b,c,d,e,f,g,h!!! h!! H!! hmmmmm...Hetty sarlene, Harith Iskandar!....Hetty Koes Endang!! tak boleh! dia indon! tak kira!!..hahaha..

so we were there, taking beatiful pics from the lighthouse which was on a hill overlooking the sea..was very windy but not too cold..observing the natural beauty, i wondered a short while "what must've australia been like during the time aborigines rule the land?" that point where i stood, the same view that i saw, the same kinda wind aborigine must've felt it hundreds of years ago..but wihout the building and cars of course..made the situation even complication, troubles and all..anyways, spent about an hour there b4 we shoot off to the beach! yeeehaaa! haven't had that much fun splashing in sea water for ages! jerit terpekik macam budak kecik kitorang!..i was always intimidated by the sea..u never know what lies beneath it..jellyfish, sharks..erghh..takut jugak sebenarnye...tapi tgk diorang mandi, aku pun memberanikan diri even though i did feel a bit mandi2 blaaah..habis cite..

hai..eventhough ramadhan is here, i dont miss malaysian food that much as most of malaysians students studying overseas do.. what i really miss is going to the mosque for tarawikh..ooh..miss the beautiful mosques, masjid klcc n masjid wilayah namely..i have fetish for the nights..for me the nights have always been the most peacful times of all..lampu2 je..tenang je..easy easy easy..going to the mosque at night, what a wonderful feeling it is..miss miss miss..and i'd certainly miss celebrating raya in RAUB, PAHANG...

-kereta kat brisbane
-smayang tarawikh kat klcc and masjid wilayah
-main futsal kat ampang
-main cm 24jam straight
-blaja utk finals
-gf..gersang wei hidup ini..
-kalau bole gf indon/brunei..hehe..
-jumpa arsene wenger ngan patrick vieira
-pegi emirates stadium 2006 nanti
-buat movie sendiri dgn budget RM20 juta
-six-pack and nice triceps and biceps
-ludah kat muka alex ferguson ngan van nistelrooy haha..
-masuk syurga
-main bass tahap victor wooten
-nyanyi lagu "when i fall in love" masa wedding aku..
-duet lagu "when i fall i love" dgn mana2 awek..
-lutut yg baru
-jadi boss bila keje nanti
-org totally faham aku
-masak ayam masak merah yg best
-adik beradik aku menjadi org yg berjaya
-to be able to trust people
-improve dribbling aku
-cakap french fluently
-AUD jatuh so convert instead kali 2.7, times 0.5

-chelsea menang ape2 cup
-perut besar
-hidup menyangap lagi
-bayar duit minyak yg makin naik
-kawin b4 25
-jadi paranoid about everything
-kena tipu
-kena main
-menipu dan main kan org..
-masuk neraka
-jadi bujang lapuk
-tgk cerita usop haslam
-makan semangkuk taugeh
-tido tanpa selimut
-berpeluh ketika tido
-sambut raya kat brisbane ni aaa..
-habiskan duit dlm bank
-org iprimus call aku tiap2 hari dah
-blaja management ever again
-org bunuh org lagi

Sunday, 10-Oct-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Where's my Mr. Motivator?

contigent malaysia..maleiziya..malasie..!
on the city cat to QUT..
1st practice session..stylo soccer..
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Ye yeee...i ade lagiii yeww.. haaa..aww...Dial up connection still, not keen on frequently updating this, im in danger of being in a state where i feel sooooo(i) confused! miserable di buatnye..touch that part later..

2 weeks ago was the mid semester break and i had the chance to represent queensland in the annually held, MASCA games..felt like being there for more than a week, due to the fact that we got up early everyday banyak lah masa sampai ke mlm tuh.. productive sungguh....this year's games was held in Melbourne! aaah Europe of Australia..sort of..

we condsider ourselves lucky to still have our asses attached! i mean, the journey took us an amazing butt blistering back aching 24 hours or so! despite some disputes, long discussions,debates and arguments prior to this, we somehow at the very last minute were willingly forced to ride the bus..yup BUS..! we thought that the journey took most of the time of our trip, but it was quickly overcame as we finally set our foot in Melbourne..siigh (lega) ,huaaarghh (mengeliat sambil menguap)..prooot prott! (paham2 je lah) lenguh tu bontot..

we stayed at the Arrows on Swanston near the city..or i can safely say that it's in the city technically..the wheather was quite cloudy and but not too cold..having to come all the way from sunny brisbane, i must say that i actually felt like i was entering a new wasn't like brissie at all i tell u..tall beautiful buildings, cold weather, trams!, the noise, the smell, straight stretches of streets that never seemed to end..the shops! huh huh huh, hampir terlupa..macam rombongan cik kiah ke kolumpo lah kitorang!

anyways, we stayed in apartment units..come to think that it's worth the money we paid (excluding the bus trip though) even had a 'special' channel,dubbed as the 'channel satu'..i know what's on ur sick minds.. not that, perverts! heheh.. it's a channel showing live footage of the front door to the building where we stayed..can u imagine our laughter watching a dumbass having his head sandwiched by automatic doors!!hahahahaha..that was easily THE highlight of the trip if it was not the time when i eat paper tosei! oh yea, melbourne ade mapley!..roti canai sume laa..ramai melayu kaan..unlike brisbane..

the fun was cut short though..kind of..sports day! lousy preparation, small funding, long journey, injuries, not enough players, ref bodo, rumput panjang sangat..u name it..we are the king of excuses! hehe we got 3rd despite all that! not bad laaaa..hehe..out of 4! thanks to ACT (canberra)! we certainly could've done better wt players that weren't wt us..congrats to basketball team which got 2nd and to datuk kelate and partner who manage to grab gold in mens doubles (badminton).. seeing, then balik..

"hmmm r u happy wt what u're studying..? if the answer is 'no', sit down" heard from a speaker at a conference i attended in Melbourne as i kept standing.. but am i really happy? of course i i ultimately happy..? not really..have u ever thought of getting to do something that u really2 love doing? only and only if u love doing something, will u be motivated to do that thing..agree? im not saying that i dont like to do what im doing now..i strongly believe that there's something out there that can be more enjoyable to do and make me happier...when i say enjoyable, i wasn't refering to clowns, balloons and fun accounting really my passion? is engineering for you? nooo(i).. i wont talk in general though as this section is strictly created to have a deep focus on me me me! hehe..well i can still remember when a young me (i was probably 12) said to my mom "Amar nak jadi movie director lah umi..".. now that's passion! i want to do something that expresses myself so that people can see the creativity in me! i like soccer, movies, music, art!! but hey..wait..doesn't that sounds like an answer a child would give if asked what his hobbies are? "Tu semua boleh buat lepas habis degree nanti" my mom replied..ade betulnye..susah nak cari makan kot alasanye..but then kan, if i were really into directing movies, would u think that i'd be more passionate and motivated wt it compared wt accounting??! pernah ke korang cam cakap "wooo next sem im taking statistics..wooohoooo!" or "omg, tomorrow's my corporate finance class eee..bestnyeeee..cant wait!!" point is, u'd excell if u're motivated to go be earn something..REGARDLESS OF WHAT U WANNA BE, GET, OR DO!..that's what is lack in me at the moment..i have no MOTIVATION and PASSION! im not motiveted! but then kan, i've seen people lucky enough to get away without this so called drive.. maybe they have SOMETHING or SOMEONE else to keep them motivated..when i say keep..i really do mean 'keep'..a mere one off good luck wish wouldn't move a hair.. so i come to a conclsion, there's no conclusion yet! im still searching for that motivation! that thing that makes me passionate in life! whatever that thing may be, i hope it will come and i hope i'll have it eventually, quickly, as im in desperate need of it!

Friday, 10-Sep-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Enak ya?! Syok berabis! best gila'! keren banget!

potluck at Guyatt Park..
mesraaa.. laluuuu..sweet..
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this latest edition is a mix of pictures taken from events that occured within a few weeks back.. first up is the potluck party.. HAD TO post them up although there weren't much taken during the party for the beauty of the setting was simply too good to be left out.. nothing beats riverside BBQ... next up, the UQ international night.. went there fully dressed as the lelaki melayu terakhir.. but all that was erased out from the moment these pair of legs hit the dance floor! yeeeehaaa! bush dance (ala2 square dance, ni versi aussie) baybeh! the smell of certain smelly dancing people did bring the mood a bit down though..haha..aduss macha MU..busuk berabis! nada deodorant kali ah! alrite, the next night, another dinner..but it's the bruneians turn to host..not as exciting as the night before..but me and nadd were clearly still having 'the bush dance effect'! the dinner was held in the uni, so i got the chance to have some pics of uni@night posted up thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Hariz.. what happens in UQ at night? well, bunch of below average height monkeys dressed up as asians trying to get each other's attention by running in hallways, jumping up and down trees, biting and scratching each other's back sides..somehow, uni authorities revealed some of those reasonably disturbing images from the security cam for the sake of the safety of other students..have a look at them, call 1-300-unisecurity if u've encountered any of these shameless memalukan bangsa creatures..And finally, the's a celebration of something, i dunno..but off the top of my head, it probabaly has something to do with the beginning of spring kot?? anyways, there was firework display..the whole of brisbane was shaken by the bangs and booms of the fascinating sky glitters if you like..swear to god, took all of the masterpieces...nice kan.. and thank you, it's not worth all that guys..ehem ehem..really stop it.. and to top the eventful few weeks.. Kalaoke..haaaa..signs of malay spreading its influence and power thru out the world.. yup my friend, karaoke lagu melayu.. once again, yes my friend, karaoke lagu melayu in brisbane.. yes my friend, brisbane is in Australia.. Australia as in Australia mate.. yes mate, we even have delila by krystal.. in case if anybody's wondering, yes dude yes, we sang YMCA loudly and proudly..

enough said bout the pics, now lets move on to everybody's favourite part, aku akan merepek! say whatever you want, but these bruneians and indons turn me on i tell you! maybe it's the way they speak and pronounce words..precise, clear, vigorous, takde cover2, tone sama je (bukan mendatar mendatar mendatar..)..aduhh..kepingin banget sih..syok berabis! whatelse nak merepek ni..oh ye, i just have to bring this matter up.. people are so smart and intelligent nowadays i tell you.. careful, u might be deceived someday..may it be harmful or not.. they aren't what as they appear to be.. not calling them liars, they're just reserved perhaps.. have a read of blogs for example..pegh..dinamic, creative, unique! they just wont express it in ways that u can feel or experience..imagine how colourful the world would be if everybody think and live like they write..action people action! insipiring ndak? nada? ndak? nada? suka SURE most of you guys think a lot! i honestly feel that evrybody has interesting opinion on everything.. but.. share them people..speak ur mind kata MTV.. look, i know that u'd think that im going nowhere here.. all im trying to say here is...we're the same, equal..kita nada different nya kalau org brunei kata.. appearence je..we desire ultimately the same thing.. HAPPINESS.. but tu lah.. road to happiness ni bukanlah seperti road to wembley atau road to's really much much more complicated than that..insya Allah aku akan happy..aku pun nak happy and aku nak sume happy..tapi what can Muhammad Amar Amdan do..he's sad and sick..honestly sad and sick.. can't believe that im actually using these following cliche ....see all the news bout people dying and killing each other in the news every single day..sedih tak? betul aku tak tipu..aku sungguh2 ni..hishh..taktaula ape nak cakap, all i can do is to pray so that those things wont happen to as in everybody..including you..yes i care bout you..i saaaaayang you! i saaaaayng u lebih dari i sayang juliana banos dan intan sarafina sekaligus! hahaha aku dah habiskan entry ini dgn keceriaan sepertimana ia dimulakan..! 0)

Tuesday, 17-Aug-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Dunia ini kecil jugak sebenarnya...

this is queenstreet mall.. cam streetmall kat cj tu, but besar..
juai and yan literally blown away in front of the casino
me n the beautiful conrad treasury casino..
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1st of all I’d like to express my greatest appreciation to those who sent me to the airport when I departed for Brisbane..and thanks for the gifts too!

Okok..these pics were taken at the EKKA and some of them were from a day out in the city with juai, yan and faiz..ok ekka (exhibition day) is a celebration of only god knows salah satu perayaan rekaan mat saleh sebab they’re not that rich in culture like we Asians kesian was even a holiday! (11th august) nevertheless, it was fun fun fun! basically ekka ni cam carnival laa..macam2 adaaaaaaa..sure heboh nye lah..haaa camtu la lebih kurang.. Ate a lot (mostly sugar) bought lots of stuffs like chocs, candies, biscuits etc.. promo sana sini.. show sana sini..ade games and rides..parades.. prizes to be won..ooooh yea! Did I mention BABI TERBANG!!?? Yee yee yee betul, babi terbang pun ada..babi lumba2 pun ade.. I even saw the biggest ba alif ba ya ive ever baru kalah thaipusam, deepavali, CNY and raya all combined together! gila klakar dan seronok aah..we hang out from 2 til 7..agak lama di situ..dan makin lama lepak, duit pon makin kurang lah kan.. bayangkan la, benda tu cam casino, bayar sedollar pastu kalah..pastu nak main lagi.. pastu kalah lagi..hishh..ade member aku habis $20 je kat situ..hapak tak menang ape..okok..aku nak touch sikit berkenaan dgn brisbane..or Brisbane city in particular.. Brisbane ni cantik nyaman, udaranye segar..cuaca cool2 laa..korang tgk je lah gambar, betapa ceria dan happy nye muka aku dan org2 kat sini..memang tenang aa city dia,mungkin pasal bersih kot..and the city centre like kl, dekat ngan sungai cuma air dia bukan lah teh tarik..aku secara tiba2 menjadi pembersih kat’s how they kept the city clean impresses me the most..and Brisbane ni dekat dgn gold coast..sume world2 ade kat situ, movie world, dreamworld, wet and wild world and surfers paradise! takes app. 40 mins or more (not sure) to get there from the city..

p/s: utk pengetahuan umum ,saya pose poyo utk bebrapa gambar adalah disengajakan utk menyakitkan hati sesetengah pihak..haha..

Oh ye..about the title of this entry..u could have never ever imagined how small the world could be.. I’ve been here for almost 4 weeks now and I really feel that I’ve known some of the guys here for ages! Nak nak yg ade connection blakang2..tanye dia tu, kenal dia ni..tanye dia ni, kenal dia tu..u know what im telling? Cam friendster lah senang cite! Even better..who needs friendster anyways?! Camni korang boleh ber testimonial secara JUJUR lagi! Bukan nak menayang ko ade ramai kawan semata2 where the fact is that u only talk to most of them like once every…mmm… never! Well honestly in my opinion, friendster ni for guys nak check out babes (ngaku lah) and for girls to post their prettiest pics nak mermarketkan diri sendiri (pun ngaku laa) Kluar wahai kawan2! Open ur eyessss, open urself, I mean be open.. Widen ur network the right way! friends are everywhere..! they’re big and small, short and tall, male and female or whatever..ade baik ade jahat..ade naughty ade nakal.. my point is..make as many friends as u can! jgn memilih kawan..As cruel as this may sound, u’d never know when u’re gonna need them or how important they may be in the future for u! lagi pun, seronok buat kawan baru niiii..tak kira la ko rapat ke tak..tapi bila sama kepala..peghh bila dah kena..layanlah! diorang lah peneman korang di kala sunyi, member borak, member tgk wayang, member main bola, member ngumpat, member blaja, member jalan pegi kelas, member angkat tgn masa jumpa, member tikam blakang, ape2 lah..sume nye member.. ramaikan kawan, eratkan siratulrahim, treat ur frens right..u don’t have to treat everybody equally, u just have to TREAT THEM RIGHT! (ala2 Dr. Phil) but then, ni sume sekadar nasihat aku saja..doesn’t mean that im the friendliest person pun..everybody has their own rights and reasons to be whatever they are..

Okok sudah2 emo..aku nak usha Olympics..aku seronok skit bila Olympics nih..tatau kenapa..nak nak swimming ngan atheletics..choooow..

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